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March 12, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

And the Tube Sock Massacre.

I’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Sica. Be sure to do so as well.

Before I get started talking about my mundane existence, this is happening:

A little bit of my pee came out. Go here to help.

On to the mundane now.

I spent all day at the Forge yesterday. Having spent an entire day at the gym, I’m impressed that I didn’t workout at all. Unless you count all the work I did as one long, slow workout. Dammit. Foiled again.

I painted another one of my blocks. I’ve only got another 34 or so to go. I also moved the dry erase board and hung up the posters. Then, I took a lunch break.

While I was on lunch, I went on a supply run. Which took me by Target. I needed a less shitty poster frame. Which they didn’t have. What they did have, though, was the Metallica shirt I’ve been hunting for. And I bought it.

Score one for evil.

After lunch, the Blacksmith met me up there and we discussed game plans. He went off to a meeting and I started in on painting around the mural that is on one of the walls. He finished his meeting and joined back in on the wall painting fun. J-Bird came by to clean, so we stopped for a minute to have a meeting with the Skater crew next door. Planning involves meetings.

After the meeting, we got the wall to a stopping point and called it a day.

I was knackered. I came home for a second to feed the animals and headed over to the Rev. Dark Wombat’s to grab a bite to eat and watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Man, that sucks to type out. After that, it was home again for evening chores and bed.

Today is Thursday.

And this Thorsday begins with a leg workout. After workout, it is off to the bank run for Jesus. Then breakfast and printing. Then, off to work. After work, I am running the evening workout.

Friday? No clue yet. I haven’t planned that far ahead.

I have to prove myself worthy to wield the hammer of today first.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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