Stepping Back.


April 20, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

In order to step forward.

I woke up yesterday with my jaws clenched and my knuckles white. Waking up frustrated is fun.



Never mind.


It isn’t.

It stinks.

My frustration only grew worse as one of the arms on my “new” glasses broke off. Yes, the fashionable “new” round ones I’ve been wearing. Broken. I keep using quotes because they were an old pair of La Duchess’s glasses. She gave them to me years ago. And I finally got around to putting lenses in them. $70 lenses. A week ago. Now they are broken.


So, being me, I took an old pair of mine and swapped arms out. Imagine being frustrated and then trying to remove and replace itsy bitsy screws. My hands were shaking with frustration. Good times. About an hour later, I finally got the arms swapped out. Only to discover that they aren’t going to fit very tightly. Anywhere.

Not in the frames. Not on my face.


So, I took seven deep breaths.

I got my old glasses out and put them on.

And then I got my bow and arrows. And I went to Lippincottonia.

I had forgotten how helpful archery can be. It clears the mind. And refocuses it on what is important and best in life. To turns that frustration into a finely honed tool.

After that, I waited around to see if work was going to call me. Which it didn’t. I knocked out the laundry. I dug through 500 or so of the 2500+ derby photos from Saturday.

And I made my way, like an inchworm, through more of “Daredevil”.

Today is Monday.

Bring it on.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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