You Know It’s Going To Be a Rough Day.


April 22, 2015 by sandwichcontrol

When you have to take a nap at 10am.

This is what happens when you listen to “Planet Caravan” 11 times before you go to bed. Things get weird.

I’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Momma Cotton Djembalaya. Be sure to do so as well.

Yesterday got weird. And by weird, I mean that it balanced itself out. For every bit of bad news that I received, I got some good. It was weird. By the end of the day, I was so tired, that I just took my Lego sets apart and listened to Chopin radio on Pandora because there were no more words.

Most of the day doesn’t bear repeating, either because it means fuck-all to you or because it is none of your fucking business, but one thing needs mentioning.

Amy the Amazing shipped my birthday presnent to me last week. Because a late birthday presnent is better than no birthday presnent. She sent me a copy of this book:


This is not why I love AtA. I love her because in her hand-written card of birthday wishes, she told a story which included a reference to an episode of This American Life. And she wrote out the entire URL for that episode. In the note. That’s what friends do for one another. Since I could easily copy/paste the link for you, I will. But know that your dedication to telling me a story on a single note card, a story which you have to stop reading to go listen to another story before continuing the original story, pales in comparison to Amy’s dedication.

Anyway, here’s the story.

Stop reading this and go listen to that story. It’s important.

Anyone who finds and prints me an actual photograph of the Rob Lowe photo mentioned in the story wins a special prize. I am not joking. A real prize. Let’s say… one of everything listed in the Store section of the website. Plus, the new cards and Sticker Doodles that I haven’t managed to add to the store yet. Sound good? Show some spunk and get rewarded.

Well, my day is totally full already. So, shut up talkin’ ta me.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC

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  1. Dave says:

    OR you could save yourself some time by searching the transcript page for “Lowe”.

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