“Trash Eating Schnoodles.”


August 28, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

Or “How Someone Ended Up Eating Part of My Toenail”.

Well I made it back from Guatemala safely.

I mean, so did Jitterbug.

I figured you all stalk her social media as much as I do, so you didn’t need me to tell you that she made it back safely.

We made it back.


You happy?


We hit the road early on Thursday morning. We flew all day and got to Guatemala City around 7pm. We ate dinner at a Greek restaurant and then headed to Antigua.

Time moves weirdly on the mountain.

It could’ve been 2am or 10:30pm when we finally got settled in for the night. Either way, it was super dark, but my camera is a magical little machine…

Thursday, August 23

On Friday we prepped for Le Duc’s birthday party. And by prepped, I mean that I ate a huge breakfast and then napped most of the day while other people did things like decorate and make food. But the party was amazing. All thanks to Le Duc’s special lady friend and duchess to be, Lady Fox. There were loads of people there, so I had to go sit in quiet for a bit…

Friday, August 24

The night ended with a small group of people all talking and laughing until we cried.

On Saturday, Jitterbug and I sprinted up the very active volcano Pacaya to see it’s lava flow. I say sprinted because that is what it felt like trying to keep up with our tour guide who was amazing except for the trying to kill us thing. We were dead by the time we got back to the house, but it was a great day…

Saturday, August 25

We left the house early on Sunday morning and then spent the entire day in cars and in airports and in airplanes…

Sunday, August 26

And when I say all day, I mean it. We left the Le Duc’s house at 8:30am and arrived back at my house around 2am. It was brutal.

I slept in until around 8:30am and then I hit the ground running.

Henry was pissed because I left him here and so we had to have a little chat about it…

Monday, August 27

We are all better now.

It helped that I glued his teeth back in for him.

So, now we are all caught up.

Today is Tuesday.

I’m going to finish getting my head back in the same page or whatever.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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