Your Mom’s Talking Taco.


August 29, 2018 by sandwichcontrol

And your dad’s polka accordion.

I’d like to start off today by wishing a very Happy Birthday to Dave. Be sure to pin a dollar to that idioth’s shirt today.

Yesterday was off kilter because I opted to sleep through my alarm rather than get up when it went off.

I woke up to Nicky the Cook coming in the house to catch up with me.

We drank that good good coffee I picked up in Guatemala and shot the breeze for a while.

After that I spent my day trying to get life back to normal.

Which sorta worked.

Beatle Sue had sent me a message in the morning letting me know that yesterday was “Read a Comic In Public Day” so I made sure to set aside some time to observe the holiday…

Tuesday, August 28

I watched stories and had dinner with the Rev. Dark Wombat, then met up with Jitterbug and the kiddos for ice cream.

I rounded the night out with more comics in preparation for today.

Today is going to be hectic.

I’ve got work in town. I’ve got work up the hill. I’m helping K over at Ars Brevis load up all of her type and cabinets. Then I’m meeting up with Mr. Boobodie.

So much to do, so little FritosĀ®.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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