The Mannequin in the Dusk.


May 29, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

A tale of quantum exile.

Yesterday was weird.

So this week has been all wrong because of the whole Monday holiday off work thing.

And then my normal Thursday stuff didn’t happen, further throwing my head out of orbit.

Nothing that a couple of ibuprofen, some Reese’s, and a lot of running wouldn’t fix though.

Weirdly enough I was just busy enough to not read very much.

And I had just enough driving errands that I got fewer steps in than I would’ve liked by the end of work/beginning of the run.

I still got about 8 miles in yesterday.

Which means I only need about 14 miles to hit the 200 mile mark for May.

And I am up to 160 books.

Only 10 more and I hit 100 books for May.

I’m so close!

I’m going to keep up the momentum today.

After our run and dinner yesterday, I found a nice, quiet spot to rest for a few minutes…

May 29, 2020

That’s the “X box” and the “Switch” I got Aldis the Goldenboy for his birthday there on the back of the couch.

He thought it was just as funny as I did.

He’s gonna be quite the punster.

Pun-isher, if you will.

Today is Friday.

I’m sure we will be doing yardwork this weekend.

Easy to get steps in behind a mower.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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