Gladly Tuning You Out.


August 26, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

To read a book that people shit their pants over 15 years ago.

Mostly I’m just killing time because I left the iPad at home and can’t read comics.

So I’m finally getting around to reading “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”.

It’s what I do when clients don’t have anything for me to do.

But I can’t go work on stuff at the house because I’m waiting for clients to call me back with info on that thing that they wanted me to do.

So I sit at my desk reading a copy of this book from ages ago that I borrowed from the innernet over a decade ago and which has sat collecting digital dust in my phone since 2014.

I really need to remember to bring the iPad with me today.

I suppose I should be working on Arduino stuff in my spare time.

But yesterday I just wanted to fall asleep and nothing else was working.

So I read.

And then I went home.

That was my day.

I finally got the opportunity to fall the fuck to sleep…

Today is going to be slightly busier.

I hope.

If not, I’ll bounce between comics, walking around listening to an audiobook, Arduino, and reading on my phone in order to stay awake.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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