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August 27, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

Buncha muffin wasters.

What a fucking weird Wednesday.

Still a lot of waiting around.

Still a lot of walking around.

I read books.

I didn’t read any comics.

I listened to a lot of an audiobook.

I researched being a crazy person.

Then Google started sending me ads about being a crazy person.

Bless their little eavesdropping hearts.

You know what?

I would like that $35 anxiety notebook that’ll teach me cognitive behavioral therapy.

As a matter of fact.

Here’s a story that would be better if we were stoned.

Last night Jitterbug and I went to the store to pick up a few small things.

On the way home, we realized we forgot to get any ice cream.

So we detoured and went to Target.

Then we remembered other stuff that we wanted to look at.

And I went ahead and grabbed a few things that I needed to get for the office.

Specifically fancy pump hand soap for the bathrooms.

So now all of a sudden we had our hands full of stuff.

So we grabbed a handbasket and put all of the soap and whatnot into it.

And then we proceeded to wander around shopping all over the fucking store.

Finally we got to the ice cream and decided to check out so we could rush home and eat ice cream.

It was at the checkout that we discovered that one of the soap pumps hadn’t been screwed on all the way and had come off.

And the bottle of soap was now empty.

Because of course it had fallen over in the basket as we wandered around.

Then it dawns on us that there is probably a trail of hand soap meandering all over Target.

All because we needed ice cream.

If only we were high.

It would’ve been perfect.

It still didn’t stop us from giggling a lot in the car.

Then we got home, ate ice cream, and went to sleep…

I have no idea why Aldis the Goldenboy is hiding next to me.

I guess he just really wanted to be in the photo with me.

Today is Thursday.

You wanna get nuts?

Let’s get nuts.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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