Two. More. Weeks.


September 1, 2020 by sandwichcontrol

From. Today.

The new Strike book comes out.

I guess I should say Strike/Robin book.

Because let’s be real.

Strike isn’t as good as he is without Robin to balance him out.

I can hardly wait to ignore everyone and everything for 944 pages.

Yesterday was as Monday as Monday could be.

I ran 5.29 miles in my kitchen because it was thunderstorming.

And I wasn’t about to waste the fact that I got up at 5am for that shit.

After that, lightning fried our cable modem.

So I got to sort that out.

And then I went to work.

Which was a lot of the same.

Dealing with cops because a service tech accidentally set a client’s alarm off.

Cleaning up a million feathers from an event someone hosted.

Running back and forth to appointments.

I did find a cool piece of trash for one of my journals when I was picking up some art at the framer’s for a client, though.

I met with a client about making smoothies on the regular for them.

And then the A/C at the house froze up.

So I had just had to rest my eyes for a while because one of them was bloodshot, I was so worn out…

I was done with August.

Welcome to September!

I didn’t read very much in August.

Well, more correctly, I didn’t read entire books in August.

I read a shitload of articles and tutorials mostly about electronics, coding, and Arduinos.

Walking and running on the other hand, I did a lot of.

As in 552,745 steps for a total of 304.7 miles in August.

Just for the record, my best month before that was July when I did 416,234 steps and 221.2 miles.

That brings my total for the year up to 3,336,442 steps and 1695.6 miles.

If I’m traversing the United States on foot in 2020, for 2,800 miles, I only need 1104.4 miles in the remaining 4 months.

That’s 9.05 miles a day.

I shaved 0.15 miles off of my daily average in August.

And I’m only getting warmed up.

If I keep it up, my average daily walk/run will need to be less than my average total for weekends in August.

You know, when I was resting.

Sure I get a four to five mile run in four days a week.

But the rest of that is just me making myself get up and walk around.

That’s insane.

I’m shredding the fat.

Now to start building those muscles back up.

Phase two is about to begin.

Right after I finish reading that new Strike/Robin book, that is.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC



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