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January 19, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Taste the lie.

(Or is it the lye that you’re tasting?)

The word of the day is: Assassin.

[ uh-sas-in ]
a murderer, especially one who kills a politically prominent person for fanatical or monetary reasons.
(initial capital letter) one of an order of Muslim fanatics, active in Persia and Syria from about 1090 to 1272, whose chief object was to assassinate Crusaders.

Yesterday went on forever.

It started early.

It drug on and on.

And ended later than I would’ve liked.

But I got some quality book time in between errands and oddjobs.

And a little more in during the wind down before bed.

Right before my end-of-day crossword.

Overall a good day.

Just a long one.

Getting back into the swing of working out is adding to that feeling as well.

But I will say my body was thankful for the rest week, but it’s even happier to be working hard again.

My muscles felt rested and strong at workout.

It was very rewarding to have listened to my body screaming its tiredness and then for it to be happy about lifting heavy stuff again.

I’m gonna be so sore this week.

In the best possible way.

Exercise does weird shit to your brain, man.

Like I’m super excited, at 5am, to go out into my freezing-ass carport and do cardio this morning.

What the fuck.

On that note, I should probably get moving.

My heart will thank me later.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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