Fashion Backward.


February 13, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Somebody pass me my doublet.

The word of the day is: Bullshit.

[ bool-shit ] Slang: Vulgar.
nonsense, lies, or exaggeration.
verb (used with object), bull·shit·ted or bull·shit, bull·shit·ting.
to lie or exaggerate to.
verb (used without object), bull·shit·ted or bull·shit, bull·shit·ting.
to speak lies or nonsense.

Everyone take a second out of your day and wish Debb the Blebb a happy birthday, won’t you?

I’m fucking tired.

This week really kicked my ass.

The cold weather made me super shivery.

Which burned a lot of energy.

Which made me hungry.

All week.

And so I made bad choices about what I was eating.

Which added to the feeling like shit.

Which made me sleep worse than normal.

Which made getting up really early for workouts quite enjoyable.

In the cold weather.

With the shivering.

And the repeating of the cycle of making me tired.

Today is not going to be restful.

Not one bit.

Maybe tomorrow will be.

One can only hope.

Otherwise I’ll have to start making better food choices.

And I want to eat all those damn cookies.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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