I’ll Throw Your Pickles In the Trash.


June 3, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

I’ll throw them in the trash!

What a fucking stupid week.

Tuesday was a blur.

I went nonstop from the time I got up until the time I finally got back home well past my bedtime.

I seriously got home, brushed my teeth, and went to bed.

Hence no post yesterday.

I had planned on making the post after I got up, but yesterday decided to go as hard as Tuesday.

I did finally get to stop doing stuff around dinner time.

Seriously though.

This week is batshit insane.

Yesterday’s word of the day was: Information.

[ in-fer-mey-shuhn ]
knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance; news:
information concerning a crime.
knowledge gained through study, communication, research, instruction, etc.; factual data:
His wealth of general information is amazing.
the act or fact of informing.
an office, station, service, or employee whose function is to provide information to the public:
The ticket seller said to ask information for a timetable.
Directory Assistance.
an official criminal charge presented, usually by the prosecuting officers of the state, without the interposition of a grand jury.
a criminal charge, made by a public official under oath before a magistrate, of an offense punishable summarily.
the document containing the depositions of witnesses against one accused of a crime.

It was fitting given how many time I had to switch gears and turn my brain to the next random task.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but just let me say that breaking into a warehouse was the easiest and the least filthy thing I did all day.

Today’s word is: Injured.

[ in-jer ]
verb (used with object), in·jured, in·jur·ing.
to do or cause harm of any kind to; damage; hurt; impair:
to injure one’s hand.
to do wrong or injustice to.
to wound or offend:
to injure a friend’s feelings.

Sometimes I make magic with my camera.

I swear to cod, all I did to this photo in Photoshop was add the watermark.

That crazy shit with my eye is all glare and luck.

Also, don’t wrap your head in compression bandages.

It gets uncomfortable quickly.

Today is Thursday.

Cod only knows what fucking madness awaits me.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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