That Moment When…


August 31, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

You shit out a horcrux (phylactery).

The word of the day is: Rave.

[ reyv ]
verb (used without object), raved, rav·ing.
to talk wildly, as in delirium.
to talk or write with extravagant enthusiasm:
She raved about her trip to Europe.
verb (used with object), raved, rav·ing.
to utter as if in madness.
an act of raving.
an extravagantly enthusiastic appraisal or review of something.
British Informal. a boisterous party, especially a dance:
We hung pretty party lights and invited everyone who lived in the building to our rooftop rave.

The photo for today is me holding a potato wedge.

If you know, you know.

I think I’m going to just describe the photo to you.

Until I finally sit down and work on the coddamn computer.

I went hard yesterday.

I rushed around getting errands done.

So I could go to the dentist for a cleaning.

And then quickly swing by the house to grab a smoothie.

And then head up the hill to pick up a client.

And then rush back down the hill to get my client to an appointment.

Then it all went full stop.

And then we were a million miles an hour again.

That lunch smoothie burned up in reentry so I was pretty hangry by the time I got home to get everybody lined out for the evening’s activities.

The giant stack of used books that came in the mail made up for a lot of my frustrations, though.

Today is Tuesday.

Whatever the fuck that means.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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