That’s Not Astronaut Ice Cream.


August 12, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

It’s Cosmonaut ice cream.

The word of the day is: Poncey.

/ (?p?ns?) /
adjective -cier or -ciest
derogatory, slang, mainly British ostentatious, pretentious, or effeminate

I shall fling my kerchief at you.

Wednesdays are usually my quiet day.

Not yesterday.

It was balls to the wall all day.

Part of me never got out of bed.

And the rest of me wishes it hadn’t.

Other than the craziness, some of the things that happened yesterday were definitely on the win side of the scales.

One thing that I managed to do yesterday was finish reading “Fun Home”.

It was really fucking good.

The other thing I did came from a little life change kinda thing that I’m trying to do.

I found myself listening to like five songs over and over and over on Spotify.

So I decided to broaden my horizons and actually listen to the “discover new shit” or whatever they call it station.

It works like this: if it play a song or band that I am already familiar with, I skip to the next song.

I wanna hear shit I don’t know.

That’s the whole point.


My first big breakthrough happened yesterday.

I was introduced to a band called ‘The Comet Is Coming’.

It’s sort of 80s synth pop slash cyberpunk slash jazz slash noise rock slash afrobeat slash jam band.

It’s like if Medeski, Martin, and Wood had a baby with Moon Hooch in the 80s and the baby was a William Gibson and John Coltrane cyborg clone.

I have to say that this little experiment really worked.

I feel way less stagnant about music.

I’m gonna keep it up and find new music to tell the world about.

Today is Thursday.

And it’s the beginning of a batshit crazy four day weekend.


I don’t know if I like that explanation of what’s about to happen.

Weekend implies that it’s the end of the work week.

Which this is not.

It’s more like if you had a three day work week and then sliced off the leftovers and made it into another work week.

And then as soon as that is over it’s Monday again.


That sounds more appropriate.

I’m about to drink so much coffee.

It’s not even funny.

Wish me luck.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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