All In Doo…


December 27, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

Doo time.

The word of the day is: You’re.

[ yoor; unstressed yer ]
contraction of you are:
You’re certain that’s right?

As in “You’re not going to beat me at Cards Against Humanity.”

I think that I should make the double contraction of you’re and aren’t happen.

You’ren’t going to beat me.

(Pronounced yoornt.)

I’m into it.

Welcome back to the time void.

Today is Monday.

Whether it feels like it or not.

I need to eat something that isn’t made of grease or garbage.

I keep getting sidetracked on my way to eat something with vegetables.

All those cookies and seven-layer dessert bars are killing me.

The chips and dips, too.

I sit there picking at them while my real food is cooking.

So I’m stuffed by the time my food is ready to eat.

And then workout is effing cardio and they expect me to be making progress and not eating garbage all day.

So those single-leg lightning bolt burpees are not going so hot for me right now.

Add to that there are only four days, five counting today, left in 2021.




It’s gonna be weird starting a new photo project away from home.

I’m into it.

It’ll feel a little awkward at first since I’m not making all the updates to the website until I get back.

But I get to sort of find my footing before y’all get to see how dumb it is.

That’ll be novel at least.

Speaking of novels, I spent another Grismas gift card yesterday.

I got four more books to take with me on vacation.

That brings me up to eleven.

This vacation reading list goes to eleven.

I’ll also have the iPad in case I burn through the analog books and need to switch to digital.

I should probably get to work.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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