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December 26, 2021 by sandwichcontrol

The adventures of Double O Gherkin.

The word of the day is: Your.

[ yoor, yawr, yohr; unstressed yer ]
(a form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective):
Your jacket is in that closet. I like your idea.
Compare yours.
one’s (used to indicate that one belonging to oneself or to any person):
The consulate is your best source of information. As you go down the hill, the library is on your left.
(used informally to indicate all members of a group, occupation, etc., or things of a particular type):
Take your factory worker, for instance. Your power brakes don’t need that much servicing.

This photo was my attempt to get you to say “Your lightbulb is quite large.”

To which I would reply “Thanks. My father-in-law got it for me.”

And my super hot wife got me the pendant fixture to hang it from.

It was a good Grismas.

I ate a shitload of gross food, didn’t workout, and received a shitload of presents.

I even got a little comic reading in.

One of the comics I got (myself) for Grismas is way fucking bigger than a normal book.

It’s “George Sprott 1894-1975” by the cartoonist SETH.

The paperback version just came out and I was looking at getting a copy.

I just a few used shops online and found a hardback copy for like $6.

So I ordered it.

And it’s ginormous.

Definitely not a book to take on vacation.

So I started reading it.

And I ordered some books to take with me using a giftcard that I also got as a gift.


Gift card.



I tried to order weird shit in case there are still Grismas presents out there making their way to me.

I would normally have waited until after the first of the year to purchase anything, as are the rules of the buying ban, but time restraints forced my hand.

I’m definitely not sad about any part this scenario either.

The SETH book is fucking fantastic.

More books are on their way.

And I get to take a few days off.

It’s a great way to end this year.

Today we don’t have much on the books.

Tidying up the house a bit, reading, maybe even a nap.

I hope y’all have all been having a great holiday so far and I hope that it continues to be amazing.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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