Paint Me.


March 11, 2022 by sandwichcontrol

Like one of your Fringe girls.

Today’s theme is: trade.


That’s my profile on the Marvel trading card app.

In case you wanna trade with me.

I was gonna take a photo of me as a butler.

You know, my trade.

But then I ran out of time and the energy to do much of anything.

I also didn’t work on my pieces for the zine project.

Or read any comics.

Or drink enough coffee.

Or take a satisfying dump.

I did get the copies of Memories From Limòn, that I won in an Instagram contest from No Brow Press for Dave and myself, in yesterday.

Not that I’ll have much time to read over the next few years.

Not if everything keeps being so insanely busy.

I also mounted a television on the wall at the office.

Today it’s supposed to snow.


It doesn’t look like the weather is gonna be super shitty until tonight when the sun goes down.

At which point it will completely fuck up the referee field session we are supposed to be having tomorrow morning.

Thus delaying my licensing for the foreseeable future.

So I have to look forward to this weekend.

Don’t worry, the weather won’t stay shitty long enough to prevent me from having to work around the yard or the house.

Just long enough to cockblock the thing I’ve been working on for two weeks.


But maybe it’ll strand me at home long enough to finish my zine pieces.

I’m not gonna hold my breath though.

Now I’m off to have coffee with the Blacksmith.

See ya’ tomorrow.

More soon. ~SC


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