Ju's Cruz.


July 9, 2009 by sandwichcontrol

First off, my eye is a lot better. The mild irritation is gone, but it is still a little red. Sometimes, days have themes. Like the days when you get stopped by every red light, or the days when you bite your tongue every time you speak, or the days when you eat nothing but tacos. I think today’s theme is “animals constantly under my feet as I’m trying to walk day”. Stoobs and Nami, from the time I got up this morning, have both been in my shit in a serious way. Keep in mind that they are not small dogs. Stoobs is full blood greyhound and Nami Great Dane/Weimaraner. Big dogs. So, I feed them, I’m on my way to drop my stuff off in the car and here comes Cash bobbin’ and weavin’ through my feet. This is normal Cash style because he likes to pretend that he has not been fed, so that everyone feeds him. Then, I get to the porch and Blue (or Junkyard, as I like to call him) does the same thing to me. This is not normal Blue behavior. This is when I realize that “trying not to step on animals” must be the theme of the day. Why can’t the theme of the day be like : “be ridiculously wealthy day” or “lay around and eat snacks day”. Whatever. Anyway, I bet you are wondering about the title of the post. Lemme splainit. I was driving to Lippincottonia this morning when a big purple Astro van with personalized license plate on the front that read “Ju’s Cruz” passed by me. It is early this morning, so I’m not the sharpest tack (or maybe I am) and it takes a little while for my brain to compute en espanol, but it read in my head as “Jews Cruise”. I like it my way better. It was like the driver of the purple Astro van was telling all the lowriding gangstas out there that just because he doesn’t dig on swine, doesn’t mean that he can’t creep the hood with the best of them or something. Maybe it’s not funny to anybody except me. One of those “you had to be there and you had to be Sandwich Control to understand it” kind of things. Right, well, maybe today will be a day where I start out trying not to step on animals and end the day being showered with gifts. Well, until next time. Aleikhem shalom. ~SC


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