Girl, Your Vag Smells Like Chicken Livers And Dog Food.


July 28, 2010 by sandwichcontrol

Sometimes people call me with “projects” or “assignments” that they want me to do. Last night Little Peddler, aka DooDoo Tooth, called me to give me an “assignment”. Or was it a “project”? Anyway, she calls me last night to ask me to research something based on a Vagisil commercial that she saw on television. In the commercial, the woman states that not all feminine washes are the same,  and that she found this out “the hard way”. Little Peddler wanted to know what this hard way was.

Was it rejection by a potential lover? Was it denial by an OBGYN? Do dogs follow her around? What is this hard way?

I’ve been searching through Vagisil’s website and that place is sealed up tighter than a dolphin’s butthole. As far as search results for even the television advertisement goes, I still came up empty handed. The only that you can find consistently is people making fun of Vagisil. Which, now that I think about it, is kind of what I am doing right now. Awesome.

Anyways, Little Peddler and I came to the conclusion that perhaps this woman was using some generic feminine wash and could still attract catfish with the odors emanating from her vagina. Of course, telling women that your feminine wash curbs your ability to be a professional noodler, is not a great way to market your feminine hygiene products.

This is silly.

Well, enough about feminine washes. I’ve got bamboo floor to lay. More soon. ~SC


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