Well, That Was Anticlimactic.


December 22, 2012 by sandwichcontrol

It turned out to be the dude who helped out at the old hotel.

And he would have gotten away with it had it not been for those kids with nothing better to do than drive around looking for trouble. And by trouble, I mean they look for people pretending to be ghosts while executing some sort of tax fraud. The fake ghost is doing the tax fraud, not the kids. They are unemployed. Bunch of bums.

In honor of the world ending, or rather, not ending, Dave and Deinonychus both made posts yesterday. Dave’s is about relieving stress. Deinonychus’s is about who really stopped the world from ending yesterday.

And then Le Duc sent me this:

Currently, West Brom is tied with Norwich 1-1. That just won’t do, Baggies. Come on. Win one for chrissakes. This is Norwich we’re talking about. And we’re playing at the Hawthorns. Do you need me to call Boing Boing Bob and have him chant for you in his mysterious magical ways? What do I need to do? Seriously. Suck it up buttercups and kick the shit out of them already. Jeez.

Today, I’m not doing too much. No¬†Bones to watch. No Pathfinder tonight. It is the last shopping weekend before Grismas, so going to Target City is out. Maybe I’ll work on my costume for next week. That’s right. Next Caturday is the 12th Annual Playaz Ball. Number 12. That blows my mind a little bit. Sheesh I’m old. Anyway, I need a few things to make my costume pop, so maybe that’s what I’ll do today. And maybe a nap in the hammock. Mmm… sounds good.

Alright, since the world didn’t end, I have dishes to do before I do anything else. They are starting to smell. More soon. ~SC


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